“My name is Viktoriia. I was watching your videos and was amazed what an interesting view you have in your wedding videos.  My wedding is going to happen approximately on the 30th of July 2017. What would you say if it is possible for you to be there and what will be the price of your amazing art on our wedding?”

When this e-mail popped to my inbox I knew straight away this wedding is something special. I had no idea what an adventure it will be!

Viktoriia and Kirill and the craziest and the most laid-back couple at the same time. They had the wild idea to have midnight wedding vows with the priest at the end of wedding day. We took one step further.

As we are at this gorgeous location why not to tell the vows at the seaside sunrise instead. That’s what we did! 4:30 in the morning after the wedding we met the priest and drove towards the seaside. The stage was amazingly set with orange sky when we were reaching the northest point of Estonian mainland – Purekkari cape. And at the exact moment when we stepped out of the car – the rain started pouring. But Vika, Kirill, the priest and even the cameras stood still!

For those not speaking Russian, this shall explain why Kirill was whispering “The most important is not to get sick, your hair is already wet” at the start of the video just moments before they declared the vows in front of the priest and the waves of Purekkari cape.

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Wedding venue:
Raudsilla Entertainment Complex

Dmitri Kotjuh

MUA & hair:
Darja Tamm

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