Swedish elegance meets Chinese traditions at gorgeous Ranäs Castle

Sometimes you don’t need to know the language to understand the meaning behind the words. That is exactly what happed on the wedding day of Chloé and Karl. My Swedish is almost as poor as Chinese which I know nothing of but still the I was deeply touched.

Warm people, Chinese traditions (door games – s.o. f.u.n, tea ceremony, – b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l, Chinese laterns etc), lovely scenery and great vibe – whole trip to Sweden was a blast from the moment I was picked up from the airport up until the next morning after the wedding!

Want to be even more inspired by this beautiful Swedish & Chinese wedding? Take a look at photo gallery by talented photographer Linda-Pauline or visit Rånäs slott.


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Wedding venue:
Rånäs slott, Sweden

Wedding photographer Linda-Pauline

Ida Greek

Flower Bouquet:

Flower arrangement:
Hötorget flower market and birhes from Torö

Wedding rings:


Wedding dress:
Stockholm Brud & Fest, Ida Sjöstedt, and tailor-made dress from China

Sir of Sweden from Georg Sörman Menswear

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